Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Death-Wish Bolusing

If I had the energy yesterday I would have been screaming F.I.H.P. Sadly the most I could muster was a sad and pathetic whimper.

I had to take a diabetes day yesterday, my BG was so high I could not even gather the energy to move let alone get dressed and make it to school.

Yesterday was a nightmare. I spent the majority of the day higher then the CGMS reports. Yes that is right over 22.2…. I did everything any anything I could think of including changing: my site (x2), insulin bottle (tried 2 different brands fast acting and took lantus), I bolused, I injected, I drank water until my eyeball floated, I prayed to the diabetes gods for sympathy. Nothing worked!!! As a last ditch effort I called the emergency Endo line who ever so helpfully told me to take more insulin (thanks- why didn’t I think of that).

Rage Bolusing does not even begin to describe what I was doing. More like Death-Wish Bolusing. At one point I was injecting 10 units every hour (twice the correction dose suggested by my pump) while disregarding any insulin on board (the lantus, the fast acting injection, and the 200% basal). Still couldn’t crack 15 mmol.

Yesterday blew goats. I took over 300 units of insulin (TDD around 50) and I averaged just under 20 mmols for the day. Today is better but still running higher then normal. Oh Diabetes why do you mock me.

Diabetes 1 : Sarah 0


  1. I'm so sorry, Sarah. I've had days where BG was REALLY hard to get down, but never anything like that. That sounded horrible. What happens to me is that I take a bunch of insulin, it doesn't work, I take more, it doesn't work, and then like 3 hours later, all the insulin I took decides to work all at once. Then I'm forced to drink a gallon of gatorade to keep my BG from dropping into negative numbers.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Sarah,

    I so feel for you... I too have had days like that, but I usually end up in the ER on a insulin drip as I can't seem to get it down!

    You are certainly not alone. Hope it improves for you!