Friday, July 17, 2009


How much is too much?

In the last few days I have read the following status updates on Facebook or Twitter:

“I’m ovulating.... Don’t call we are busy”

Seriously if you are that concerned about interruptions turn the ringer off . Do all of your 10 000 closes friends need to know that you are “doosing it” right now?

“First colonic today- I loved it… Can’t wait for the next”

I do not even know what to say except way TMI…. I may have to block you based on the visual that is burned into my brain.

“Got my period today...”

I know you are trying to conceive but again do all of your 10 000 closes friends have to be updated on your bodily excretions. In fact, this one is becoming so common that I know the day it will appear. We are acquaintances at best, should I be privy to this information?

“I am VERY regular”

No idea what this referenced but it just sounds like TMI. It reeks of bodily function talk- again do 10000 of your closes friends need to know?

So if it is appropriate to Facebook and Tweet about your sex life and bodily excretions…

What is TMI? Where do you draw the line?

I have been asking myself this question recently as even after 7 years of pumping I am still not sure how to answer the “Is that a pager/phone? What is that?” question.

I do not hide my pump. I am not ashamed of my diabetes. I will test or inject anywhere. But the “what is that?” question gets me every time.

Do I just give them the basics “It is insulin pump for diabetes”?

This is my normal answer but it has a few downfalls:

  • It can make the questioner uncomfortable
  • It opens the door for “I’m sorry.” Great now we are both uncomfortable.
  • Can be followed by the my Uncle Joe had diabetes and he had [insert terrible complication here] story.
  • It can bring out the diabetes “expert” who needs to educated me about their vast diabetes knowledge, the evils of sugar, my overindulgence as a child, ect.

So what is the right answer? Should I give more information? Would this help avoid the pity party, the you are going to die a horrible and painful death conversation, or the diabetes lesson. I do not mind a quick conversation about diabetes but there are some conversations I want to avoid at all cost.

Is there are good answer? What is the right answer?


  1. depends on whose asking... i have had complete strangers ask, if i am in a bit of a mood, my reply is usually " do i care? " which they respond often with, just trying to make conversation, or just curious or something to that effect. i know i am being rude, but sometime, i really don't care! if it's someone i know, and they are truly curious, i come out with some smart ass answer like " my morphine supply, for chronic stupid questions ".... i tend to error on the side of ridiclious!

  2. lol i cant tell you but you are so right.this is the tmi age
    you manage to strike the right chord with your blogs.after i stop laughing i will think about your question

  3. I can bore for Scotland when I start burbling on about diabetes. So people ask me about my injections at their peril!

  4. Oh good grief I know this question so well! I also toggle between being the "expert" to just putting up with the horror stories and the "I'm sorry" responses. Its a frustration we all have to deal with. Like you, I am not ashamed of having diabetes, but sometimes the way people ask and judge can feel so accusatory - you feel like you HAVE to explain yourself, lest they think of you as some poor slob who brought this on yourself. I just blogged about this recently too - check out my page when you get a chance -

    Great blog!

  5. Sarah, I think I love you! This blog made it official.

    Phillip (your comrade in crisis)