Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do it For the Puppies…

Today is Judgment Day also known as A1c Blood Draw Day.

The mood today was different. Three months ago, I was having a really hard time. Despite two hospital visits, countless doctor visits, and every blood test under the sun there was no explanation for why I just could not take control of my numbers. Diabetes was just mocking me and it was not fun. Three months ago, I was frustrated, angry, and honestly feeling a little nauseous (I had ketones).

Today was different. Today I was nervous. Despite knowing my average my standard deviation and having access to CGMS data, I sat there sweating like a wh&re in church…. Praying to the diabetes gods to send me a “good” number, or at least something that wouldn’t put me in the “you are going to die a painful death crippled by diabetic complications” category. And the praying will continue until the results are online or my doctors appointment next week.

So PLEASE Diabetes gods send me something reasonable (see not even asking for “good”). If you can’t do it for me then do it for the puppies….


  1. I love this!! I have four Pomeranian dogs, and if I'm not well enough to look after them.... well... errrrr.... So, everyday, not only for me, I do it for my 'puppies :-D

  2. Hey Sarah....this is great stuff. Please keep writing. You have a major talent for making me laugh. I don't know if you make anyone else laugh, but being a selfish guy, all I care about is me. FIHP....oh my god...that is the solution to EVERYTHING. It's like a total pattern interrupt. You should copyright this QUICK.

    Imagine Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, in a meeting with the Prime Minister or whatever of Iran having a meeting, and the PM is going on and on about destroying Israel and then Clinton holds up her hand and says, "Say it." The PM hesitates. Clinton repeats, "Say it!!" Finally, the PM relents and says, " F*** I hate Puppies" and starts giggling uncontrollably.

    YOU have found the key to world peace.

    Keep writing...I don't care how busy you are.

  3. By the way, I linked to you on my site, so now you HAVE to write.

  4. Jim I have been trying to send you a message to say thank-you so much for your comments. Unfortunately your blog "Aggressive Type 1 Diabetes Self Management" (Great blog I do not miss a post does not have comments nor is there an email address attached. So I just wanted to send a quick pubic thank-you so much for the encouragement (hope you see this). And I will be posting more often now that the staycation is over...