Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little too free?

Let me set the scene: Roommate is away, I have the day off school/work (Canada day) and it is my birthday. Spent the day with my sister shopping and eating- great day!! Now I am getting ready for birthday celebration part two- evening BBQ. And it is free shower time!

“Havin A Time”

Free Shower: Shower without pump or CGMS attached (site change day). For these few minutes I am free!! Trust me it is exciting (side note- I am not the only person who gets excited about free showers. Kerri at SUM does as well)

Normally I keep my pump connected in this handy dandy “shower pump holder” my Mum made (see picture- it is the white mess thing). I use it because I am not a morning person and the minute I save disconnecting/reconnecting is one more minute of blissful sleep. Not to mention that I am less than coherent in the morning, it has happened twice in my 7 years pumping that I have arrived at work/school with no pump.

The “shower pump holder” is a lifesaver. But as a result I can only turn 180 degrees before getting tangled in pump tubing. And at least once a morning I turn the wrong way and get caught in the pump tubing (not a morning person). I often drop a F.I.H.P during the morning shower while trying to untangle myself and make it to school/work on time.

Consequently during free showers I have developed a strange habit of turning around and around in circles.

“I’m free! I'm free!”

Back to last night. Roommate is away I am blasting oldies but goodies, dancing and turning around in the shower preparing for birthday celebration part two. While striking my second possibly third pose of Vogue I lose my balance and grab the shower curtain.

The result…. A torn shower curtain.

Lesson: It is possible to be too free in the shower


  1. lol interesting
    looking forward to the next one

  2. Too funny... I can so imagine myself doing the same thing!!!!

  3. Coo! I had exactly the same shower curtain in my old flat. Great post :-)