Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overzealous Diabetic or Drug Dealer?

The contents of my purse: phone, pen, day timer, wallet, lip gloss, insulin, needle, glucose monitor, test strips, candy and scale


Yup I said scale... I have become one of those crazy people who weighs everything... So I bought a scale to carry around in my purse. Now not only I can I get the weight of my apple to the nearest .1 of a gram I can also sub for the local drug dealer in a pinch.
Have I gone too far?


  1. I don't know many drug dealers, but don't think they carry scales! I think they probably do most of their weighing and measuring somewhere other than the street! Thanks for the laugh... enjoying your blog so far!

  2. Ha ha ha! :-) I know I carry a load of diabetic-related junk with me all the times - but never scales. At least you've got those electronic ones - not the ones with all the brass weights... ;-)