Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Story

When I was 16 I went to a comedy show at Yuk Yuk’s for a friends birthday. During the show there was this skit about 2 guys who opened a pet shop together. During the skit one guy dropped a gut busting, milk spraying out your nose kind of line that even 10 years later, I still think it is the funnies thing ever.

The line:

F&cK I Hate Puppies”

In fact, the line lives on in my day-to-day life. I often say this line over and over to myself when I am tear my hair out frustrated. Try it. I dare you. How many exasperated F.I.H.Ps can you get out before you are laughing?

Recently there has been a sharp increase in the FIHP screaming. I can only attribute these temper-tantrums to my recent focus on lowering my A1c. My most recent A1c is a number that will evoke both pity and horror. So now armed with my MM 722, new CGMS, and 15 years diabetes experience I am making an honest attempt to get this A1c down to a number that will not send small children running to the hills.

Unfortunately, the road to a decent A1c has been filled with many forsaken puppies and I now need a place to vent. I have quickly concluded that non-diabetics want to hear about the CGMS/Pump/Meter that is mocking me as much as I want to know about last night’s game or the new transmission (I don’t speak sport or car).

And that is the first F.I.H.P post

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